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Come to get Strong, Fit, and Flexible.

Discover a new level of freedom & ease of movement! 

Foam rolling can be fun?
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What Is Possible for you?

As you begin to train, you breathe more deeply and your oxygen intake increases, improving your blood circulation, your posture improves, and you stand taller and feel more comfortable in your body. As your balance improves, your body awareness increases, and you feel more steady.


Over time you have fewer aches and pains, sleep better, and wake up feeling more energized and empowered. You begin to feel your strength, agility, and stamina increase. Your ability to do daily life activities improves. Your heart, muscles, and immune system get stronger.


Your mood improves, and feel you can think more clearly. You begin to feel more confident as you notice all your body can do!

You learn how to exercise safely for your own body, and you look forward to working out because you know you will always feel better!


The EI Personal Training Process

In studio or remotely, I start where you are:



We review your health history, injuries, chronic or acute discomfort or pain, your goals, and why you are motivated to achieve those goals.



Based upon analyzing your posture, biomechanics, current fitness level, and personal goals, we create a plan to work towards your goals. 


Train & Treat

We proceed at your pace. I follow your needs and responses to the exercises to modify and teach skills as needed. We use a comprehensive combination of safe, efficient, and effective exercises.

  • Flexibility & Mobility 

  • Strength

  • Corrective & Restorative

  • Core Stability

  • Balance & Proprioception 

  • Cardiovascular 



EI Personal Training is based upon re-assessing your progress as you go through the process, consistently giving safe and appropriate challenges so you continue to improve exponentially as you train.

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Success Stories

I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS TEN YEARS AGO! I started working with Eve four months after a herniated disk left me with a loss of strength that I could not reverse on my own. Eve has worked with me safely but decisively to regain lost strength and go beyond.  


I am doing new and fun exercises, each chosen to promote my progress while working around the assortment of aches and pains I present at each visit.  With increased fitness, the aches and pains have actually diminished.  I used to think that I couldn’t afford a personal trainer, but now I feel that I cannot afford not to work with Eve. Life is better with Eve on my team."

Barbara, 76

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